New Three Row Cadillac Crossover Coming in 2016

How do you think the new Cadillac crossover will compare to the 2013 SRX?

How do you think the new Cadillac crossover will compare to the 2013 SRX?

Following up with a recent story about how Cadillac is in the works of designing a new flagship vehicle, the company has announced that they will be coming out with a new three row crossover sometime in 2016.

It was earlier this week that GM gave the green light on the all new Cadillac crossover, but development for the new model is said to already be under way.

People have already commented that the new Cadillac crossover will just be a replica of the three row SRX crossover, but Cadillac has said that is not the case. The new model will be a cross between the SRX and Escalade, and will be designed based on a strict crossover platform.

The original three row SRX was based off of the CTS sedan’s platform, but the new model will be built on the Lambda II platform. This is the platform that is currently used for the Acadia, Enclave, and Traverse.

We do not currently have a lot of detailed information about the new Cadillac crossover, but you can be sure to find all the latest details on your local Indianapolis Cadillac dealer’s Facebook as they become available.

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